Electric Cast Iron Radiators

ElectriCast provide a new innovative heating technology – the Electric Cast Iron Radiator.

Benefits of an ElectriCast Radiator

Save money on your home heating bills with one of our low wattage Electric Cast Iron Radiators.

100% Efficiency

All ElectriCast radiators are 100 efficient at point of use, which means that all of the electricity they use is converted into usable heat that will keep your spaces warm and cosy.

Maintenance Free & Safe

Our ElectriCast radiators for home require no ongoing professional maintenance and produce no carbon monoxide. They're eco-friendly and emission free heating solutions.

Lot 20 Compliant

Our ElectriCast heaters have integrated features or external thermostats for fully Lot 20 compliant heating that adheres to EU efficiency regulations.

Low Running Cost

Heat your room with fully programable, low wattage ElectriCast radiators and save on your energy bills.

No Plumbing Required

Hassle free, easy installation. Simply plug in and switch on.

Temperature Control

You're in control of temperature and timing with our infrared remote.

Quality & Service

We take pride in our superior quality and top class service.

Choose from our 4 styles

We have continued to develop our product range and can now offer money saving heating in 4 beautiful styles.

Neo Classic

Available sizes:

VariationHeightLengthDepthBTU Output
(Delta at 50°C)
300w (6 section)745mm400mm120mm1878
600w (9 section)745mm583mm120mm2817
900w (12 section)745mm766mm120mm3756
*ElectriCast radiators heat to a max of 70°C


Available sizes:

VariationHeightLengthDepthBTU Output
(Delta at 50°C)
300w (5 section)562mm404mm142mm1025
600w (8 section)562mm626mm142mm1640
900w (10 section)562mm774mm142mm2050
*ElectriCast radiators heat to a max of 70°C


Available sizes:

VariationHeightLengthDepthBTU Output
(Delta at 50°C)
300w (5 section)795mm414mm125mm1830
600w (7 section)795mm642mm125mm2928
900w (10 section)795mm794mm125mm3660
*ElectriCast radiators heat to a max of 70°C

Art Nouveau

Available sizes:

VariationHeightLengthDepthBTU Output
(Delta at 50°C)
300w (5 section)750mm394mm146mm1925
600w (8 section)750mm610mm146mm3080
900w (11 section)750mm826mm146mm4235
*ElectriCast radiators heat to a max of 70°C

View full details on all our products in our latest brochure.

Customisation Options

You can customise any of our products to suit your home, office or space.

Choose a Style

We have four styles for your to choose from: Neo Classic, Rococo, Peerless and Art Nouveau.

Choose a Model

Within our four styles we have three power different options depending on the size you need.

Customise your Colour

Our products are finished in black gloss as standard but can be customised to any colour. Choose a colour at ralcolorchart.com.

Hear from our Customers

Read some of the reviews from previous customers. You can view more on our Facebook Page.

When I first seen the ElectriCast Stand in Edinburgh I was Sceptical they would work effectively. I Cant tell you how happy I am I purchased one. I have been back for more, Not only are they Beautifully bespoke they were painted to the colour of my choice. I have found them Cost effective to run and easily controlled by the remote. Love love love them
We built an annex to our house last year. We could not connect it to our central heating system so Electricast’s fantastic cast iron electric radiators were the perfect solution. Each radiator works independently and has a temperature control and timer system. Not only are they beautiful but they are economical to run as they retain the heat. They keep a very large building toasty warm for very little cost. I highly recommend them.

Flexible Heating Solution

ElectriCast products can be used in a wide variety of settings.


With Underfloor Heating

Older Colder Homes



Home Extensions

Holiday Homes

Home Offices