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Save money on your heating with an ElectriCast Cast Iron Radiator
ElectriCast provide a new innovative heating technology - the Electric Cast Iron Radiator.
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UK Enterprise Awards - Winner Most Innovative Heating Solution 2020

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We have continued to develop our product range and can now offer money saving heating in 4 beautiful styles.

Benefits of an Electric Cast Iron Radiator

Save money on your home heating bills with one of our low wattage Electric Cast Iron Radiators.

Save Money

Heat your room with fully programable, low wattage ElectriCast radiators and save on your energy bills.

No plumbing required

Hassle free, easy installation. Simply plug in and switch on.

Temperature control

You're in control of temperature and timing with our infrared remote.

Quality & Service

We take pride in our superior quality and top class service.

ElectriCast for Trade Customers

ElectriCast provide Innovative Heating Solutions for Commercial & Construction Sectors. Learn more about using Electric Cast Iron Radiators in your next project.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

If/when we’re able to generate electricity with only renewable sources, all-electric homes will have a very small relative carbon footprint. 

Electric heating is environmentally friendly because it does not create emissions and leaves the inside and surrounding outdoor air clear. 

Electric heating does not produce dangerous carbon monoxide, and leaves no build-up of debris like other heating sources.

Innovative Heating Technology

At ElectriCast we pride ourselves in being a small business, doing big things! We are a family business based just outside Omagh in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

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