Induction Instant Water Heater

ElectriCast are now providing an all in one heating and hot water system powered completely by electric.

Benefits of an ElectriCast Induction Instant Water Heater

We have added an induction instant water heater to our range which can provide instant hot water to homes and businesses on demand.

No flue required

Space saving

No fumes and no risk of explosion

Economic running costs

Constant water temperature output

Adjustable controls to set water temperature

Tankless system

Quiet in operation

100% efficient, fast heating

Isolated water and electric for safety

Little heat is lost in the process of heating the water

ElectriCast Induction Instant Water Heater

The induction instant water heater uses medium frequency electromagnetic energy to heat mains water to a desired temperature.  The induction water heater is operated by touch keys to adjust the output water temperature from 30 °C – 55 °C

The magnetic induction water heater provides instant hot water.  No flue required easy to install. Compact size: 485*310*100mm. 100% efficient, Silent in operation.

Unlike traditional tank-style water heaters, which continuously use energy to maintain a hot water supply, tankless water heaters only expend energy when you turn on a hot water tap or when you’re using appliances.

This on-demand style of operation results in their most significant advantage: energy and cost savings.

Besides energy and cost savings, there are several other reasons to choose a tankless water heater over a traditional tank-style heater. Tankless water heaters produce an endless supply of hot water, take up less space, have a lower risk of leaking, are safer, and have a significantly longer lifespan on average.